The Fuel Optimizer for Everyone

“We recognized that fleets may have great discount rates but need the capability to determine where exactly to purchase fuel, and how many gallons to purchase based on each trip. The Scout Fuel Optimizer is designed to give our clients a competitive advantage by automatically producing the best fuel solutions and sending them directly to your drivers.”

We come from the fuel side of the trucking industry and our company is based on saving our clients money on fuel. The Scout Fuel Optimizer is built with all fleet sizes in mind, from the single owner operator to fleets with several hundred trucks.

Our software guides truck drivers to the best fuel stops on route and recommends how many gallons to purchase. We also provide fuel cards, credit programs, and expert consulting to maximize discounts. Trust Scout to streamline your fuel management and boost your bottom line.

Scout can collaborate seamlessly with your existing fuel discount program, or we can assist you in upgrading or creating a new program.

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Optimize your fuel purchase from all angles


Scout Fuel Optimizer

The Scout Fuel Optimizer carefully examines your daily fuel discounts and the many changing fuel cost details along your route.

Then, we give you recommendations on where to refuel and how much fuel to buy, saving you an additional $.08 - $.15 per gallon on top of your fuel discount. The Scout Fuel Optimizer takes the guesswork out of where to fuel, saving you money and time.


Fuel Consulting Services

Scout brings a wealth of fuel negotiations experience to the table, ensuring that your trucking company has the discounts you deserve.


Fuel card

Scout’s fuel card seamlessly integrates with the Scout Fuel Optimizer, offering robust reporting features, flexible credit programs, and valuable discounts tailored to enhance your fleet’s fuel management efficiency.